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New Encore Pricing and AV Control Panel Mirroring!

|Hannah Olson

You may have heard of FrontRow Encore before (our desktop AV control software for Mac and Windows) but you may not be familiar with its vast capabilities. Powerful enough for the most advanced AV control scenarios, yet simple for teachers to use, Encore is now an essential accessory to any FrontRow control panel.

For example, with Encore you can:

  • Control network devices, or RS-232 and IR devices through FrontRow hardware
  • Call or alert the office when used with Conductor
  • Customize the buttons and backgrounds
  • Add up to 20 pages of controls
  • Add active volume meters
  • Add international language text
  • Create customized installers for easy licensing and deployment across many computers
  • Remotely trigger full screen alert messages in an emergency
  • Easily switch control from room to room

And now, it's also the perfect compliment to an ezRoom CB2000 keypad control panel or CB6000 touchscreen control panel. We've created new Encore layouts and button libraries that let you match your wall control panel setup exactly as you've programmed it (or better).

So these...

...can look like this on the teacher's PC or Mac.

We also supply all the buttons to easily change your CB layout file.

Don't forget you can also pair your iPhone or iPad with the CB6000 using the Teacher Edition app for iOS.

It's the trifecta of AV control! The same consistent experience on the wall, on the PC, and on the mobile device.

Easy to learn, easy to train, and easy to manage.

Finally, we want more customers to experience FrontRow integrated AV control, so we're lowering the price of Encore to $99 (50% lower) when you buy it with a FrontRow control panel!!

Encore can also be used without a FrontRow control panel, and has a new lower price of $149.

For a minimal fee ($350 - part number TSG-ENC) FrontRow can now design your Encore layout file to match your control panel, or customize it as needed for your school, plus create a custom Installer for easy deployment!

Encore, Encore! (pun intended)