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Overcoming Barriers to Learning

26 September 2017|Hannah Olson

At FrontRow we often discuss the importance of overcoming invisible barriers to learning in the classroom. In the context of our classroom audio systems technology, some of the invisible barriers we help overcome include:

  • The distance between students and the teacher
  • Background noise and echo
  • The inability of young learners, from kindergarten to high school, to discern certain sounds

Breaking down these barriers helps teachers teach and students learn. Independent studies have shown that FrontRow’s classroom sound solutions help make a positive impact on student engagement, literacy, and attendance. Instructors benefit as well, when using our teacher microphones, schools have witnessed decreased sick days due to voice conditions and increased energy from their teaching staff.

What about barriers outside the classroom? just posted an inspiring talk titled “The boost students need to overcome obstacles;” in it, sociologist Anindya Kundu shares hopeful stories of students who, against all odds, defied expectations and came out ahead in education.

This 7-minute TED talk may inspire you to go the second extra mile and beyond (I know teachers already go the extra, extra mile daily!) for those students who need a little more resourcefulness and support to make it to the next level.

You might agree that Kundu’s remarks even apply in general, every-day living.