Case Studies

If students can't hear the instructor clearly, class is over before it starts. How can classroom audio technology help? See how FrontRow has helped schools communicate effectively. 

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Juno Case Study-Debra Thompson.pdf

Juno Case Study-Stephanie Childers.pdf

Simplifying School-Wide Communication with an Integrated Bell, Intercom and PA System

With FrontRow Conductor’s easy-to-use controls and flexibility these distributed admin offices can all be easily zoned together so they all receive the same information despite being spread throughout the Frederick County Middle School in Winchester Virginia.

Special Ed Students Rely on Juno

Around the country, educators recognize the challenges of teaching children with hearing loss and other disabilities. In Thompson’s class, some students have hearing aids or cochlear implants, while others who don’t have devices still struggle to hear or focus on the classroom instruction. Debra Thompson teaches special-education preschool children at Mary McArthur Elementary School in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She understands the importance of using a high-performance sound system in the classroom. 

Conductor Improves Daily Operations

Since its inception, St Andrew’s has relied on a hand bell for lesson breaks and possible evacuation. For obvious reasons, this presented several operational and safety issues. BSS Light Audio Visual designed a system using a FrontRow Conductor as the ‘brains’ behind the design. A modern networked based paging, bell, and intercom system that combines an easy-to-use interface