Case Studies

If students can't hear the instructor clearly, class is over before it starts. How can classroom audio technology help? See how FrontRow has helped schools communicate effectively. 

Piedmont School District turned to FrontRow

California’s Piedmont Unified School District provides a stimulating educational environment for 2,700 students. Part of their formula for success is making their classrooms easier to learn in with FrontRow classroom audio and making their campus easier to run with FrontRow’s campus communication technology.

Juno Review: Classroom Audio Done Easy

Rob Patin, a Michigan English teacher and self-professed technology geek, has a passion for educational technology. He is a firm believer in the benefits of audio amplification and has been using it in his classroom for a couple years. Patin gives his impressions of Juno in this talkED article.

Teacher Captures Lessons with Ease Using Juno

Stephanie Childers, AuD., CCC-A, is an audiologist for the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA) — one of nine AEAs created by Iowa State Legislature to promote equal educational opportunities for children. Dr. Childers provides consulting and teaching services to three school districts in Eastern Iowa, to improve learning for children with hearing loss. When she came across a lesson-capture technology that did a stellar job of meeting this student population’s needs while lowering teacher workload, she was eager to share it with her schools.

Study: Amplification and Educational Achievement

Sound-field classroom amplification systems can provide a practical and cost-effective solution. Sound-field systems use FM technology to transmit and amplify a teacher’s voice (signal) above the classroom noise, with the aim of making it easier for students to hear the teacher no matter where they are in the classroom at the time.

Conductor Helps Take Richgrove School District Communication to New Level

Located in California’s Central Valley farm country, the Richgrove School District serves 750 students in grades K-8. Richgrove is dedicated to helping all students become 21st century learners; the school’s students and staff operate modern technology that allows and fosters access to a broad curriculum and meaningful experiences.

Learning Enriched with Juno at Woodbury Elementary

Woodbury Elementary School is a year-round school serving grades K-6. Their instructional programs combine explicit skill instruction, such as phonics and mathematics skills, and instruction that is embedded within a meaningful context. Students have the ability to go beyond the “basics,” through the use of technology and through an intentional focus on meeting the needs of each individual student. As part of their core instructional program, students participate in music, art, and science from specialists in these fields.