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5 Classroom Tech Enhancements that Make the Honor Roll

01 March 2017|Hannah Olson

One of the things we take pride in here at FrontRow is keeping our finger on the pulse of the education sector’s needs. That means checking in with teachers and administrators to discover any pain points they may have within their classroom technology usage.

As we gather information about and prioritize needs, our R&D team goes to the drawing board to devise, test, pilot and make new technology solutions available. This systematic approach has led to dozens of classroom technology enhancements, including these five crowd favorites:

  1. Automated Lesson Capture
    Using simple voice commands, Teacher Edition software records screen and audio then automatically titles and prepares recordings for upload so students can review the video at night.
  2. Class2Class for distance learning
    Using FrontRow with tools like Skype™ and Adobe® Connect™, you can easily set up a real-time audio/video connection between your class and any location – one that’s clearly heard by everyone without echo.
  3. PrioriTeach keeps the teacher voice audible
    PrioriTeach gives priority to the teacher microphone by reducing the volume of all other devices and microphones when the teacher microphone is used. Control how quickly and to what level the volume is reduced, how quickly the audio resumes, or turn the feature on and off.
  4. VoiceChoice
    Increase talk time or expand coverage for very large rooms with a quick software adjustment.
  5. Voice command for displays, recording, intercom & more
    A teacher’s voice is a powerful educational tool – now more than ever. The Juno and ezRoom digital sound systems listen as attentively as students do, so teachers can control important functions simply by talking to the systems.

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