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How FrontRow Audio Systems Helped Me

04 April 2016|Hannah Olson

This is a guest post courtesy of a second grade Teacher Mary Jo Barbeau in Boulder, Colorado. Mary was using the FrontRow ToGo system for a while before she traded with another teacher for the FrontRow Juno system.

Any teacher or public speaker knows that projecting your voice for long periods of time requires a lot of energy. It only takes a few times of feeling a little under the weather to see how much one depends on this energy. (Learn more about how FrontRow system helps with teacher fatigue.) Recently, our school purchased FrontRow classroom audio systems and these devices were placed in every classroom K - 5. Research supported that learning increased significantly with this sound system, and it was recommended to us by a variety of sources.

Immediately I felt a sense of relief when I began to use the FrontRow system. My second graders could hear well, and I felt a sense of balance in the sound of my voice all around the room. I do not have students asking me to repeat information (due to sounds, anyway), and I feel like it really helps me dispense information confidently.

I was originally given the wall mount system but found the microphone system that comes with it somewhat cumbersome. Recently I traded my wall-mount system for the Juno tower for two reasons. First of all, the tower allowed me to move the speaker instead of keeping it in a solitary place. Second, the microphone system that comes with the tower was much easier to use and is worn around the neck with one simple clip similar to a necklace. If you are a rather mobile person this might work best, but both systems project sound equally well.

I would highly recommend FrontRow and found it very user friendly. Adjusting the sound level is extremely easy and recharging is a simple process as well. Although it was originally used in our school district for hearing impaired children, we have found that it benefits all listeners.

Mary Jo Barbeau
Second Grade Teacher
Boulder Valley School District
Boulder, Colorado

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