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Give the Neighbors a Gift This Holiday: Turn Off the Bells

24 September 2015|Hannah Olson

If you run a school in a residential neighborhood, you've probably gotten complaints about...yep, bells! Bells on the weekend. Bells on holidays. We even have students blogging about this insult to the common peace.

You can't blame them — it's annoying to have your day off interrupted by the startling sound of a class bell.

But you can't always blame the school either — changing traditional bells is difficult and costly.

FrontRow Conductor owners, however, don't have an excuse. ;-)

Here's how, in about 5 seconds (okay, I'll give you 10), you can shut off the bells on the holiday and make sure the only bells the neighbors hear are the jingling kind:

  1. Go to Conductor
  2. Click on Calendar
  3. Click on the day(s) you don't want to have bells
  4. Click Delete
  5. Bask in the glory of your bell-free righteousness

Extra credit
For days near the holidays when you really need bells, have a little fun with it. Try playing the sound of sleigh bells, or friendly ghosts at Halloween, or gobbling turkeys at Thanksgiving. See the Conductor User Guide for how to set up audio sequences to create bells with custom sounds.

More to think about

The other way to avoid bells on holidays is of course not to schedule them on those days in the first place. You can also create custom schedules of practically any type: short days, late starts, extended days -- whatever you need to keep your school running smoothly. And if you have questions about your existing Conductor campus communication system (or a future one), we're happy to help.