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New & Improved Juno Classroom Audio System

18 May 2018|Hannah Olson

We're excited to announce an even better-sounding, better-looking, and easier-to-use Juno classroom audio system!

  • Even better sound quality: Improved acoustic response for even more natural-sounding voice and music.
  • Easier LCD interface: We've improved the navigation, and given it a cleaner look. Popular features like the patented OptiVoice™ speech clarity enhancer and PrioriTeach™ teacher voice priority are now accessible from the home screen.
  • New look: Juno retains its striking design, but we've migrated the color accents from blue to gray to help blend into an even broader selection of architectural environments.
  • Bluetooth® installed: This new model ITR-02 is shipping now with Bluetooth installed, using the same part numbers and pricing as the original ITR-01.

And of course, it has the same unique digital feedback suppression, voice commands, third-party AV control options, expandability, and networkability as the original Juno system!

Ready to try the newly improved Juno? Register for our 45-day FREE trial, our pilot program, or contact us today!