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School Staff Can Activate Lockdowns, Announcements with New Mobile App

29 May 2018|Hannah Olson

I love the fact that we're always innovating to improve campus and classroom communication and operations!

FrontRow has just released a mobile app that lets staff at schools using the Conductor paging, bells, and alerting system activate critical functions like a lockdown, evacuation warnings, all-clear, or other announcements from any Android or Apple mobile device. This can be extremely useful for school administrators who may be moving about campus and can’t always be near a Conductor console.

FrontRow’s versatile Conductor platform replaces separate conventional systems with a single communication and control system that makes it possible for schools to do far more than ever before, including managing paging, bells, intercom, and emergency response on a campus. With Conductor, as part of their Emergency Preparedness Plan, schools can activate emergency announcements, display information on digital signage, lock doors, send private alerts, and take other actions to help keep everyone aware and safer.

Our new Conductor App provides added convenience to Conductor users; instead of having to deploy key functions from a main on-site computer, school staff can now access and manage many of Conductor’s features—including triggering alerts, recordings, bells, and chimes—from any iOS or Android mobile device. The app can be customized to include up to six actions, each can be color-coded and labeled with text and emojis.

The Conductor app also includes a special location feature that allows administrators to set a radius within the school; whenever users are within those parameters and there is wifi coverage, the app will automatically attempt to connect them to the Conductor server.

The free FrontRow Conductor App is available now and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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